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Piano lessons

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Music stimulates different parts of the brain; learning how to play an instrument can be an inspiring and creative process in which everybody can benefit from! People have different talents and abilities, that is why we are unique. Being a teacher, I consider myself responsible for helping my students develop those talents and contribute to their personal progress..
Depending on the level of experience as well as the age of each student, there are different methods and repertoire to follow. 
I am always flexible and willing to adjust to the preferences of my students, ensuring that everybody is developing their own musical identity.

Even if I understand a bit of Dutch, the lessons are given in English. However, in case of non-English speakers I might have an assistant to help me out translating in Dutch.

Please contact me for more information about the lessons, books and additional information.

Lesduur en prijs

Lessons are given weekly in 30', 45' or 60 min length, individually or in group of two.

The first month of lessons is a trial month and it consists of four lessons. The first lesson is for free! For the remaining three lessons the prices are on discount. See below for the total fee in brackets.

Here below the tuition fees:
(There is a discount on the total amount if there is an advanced payment for the entire course - ask for more information)

Prices for individual lessons:
  • 30 min, €25    (€63 first month)
  • 45 min, €35    (€88 first month)
  • 60 min, €45    (€113 first month)
Prices (per student) for group lessons:
  • 30 min, €14    (€42 first month)
  • 45 min, €21    (€53 first month)
  • 60 min, €28    (€71 first month)

There are possibilities for applying for a scholarship, please ask for more information.


  • Kinderen t/m 12 jaar
  • Jongeren 12+
  • volwassenen

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  • Workshop
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  • Beginners
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